>Fears of Being in School Forever

>As much as I highly enjoy education and have often answered the question of “What would you do if you won the lottery?” with “I’d go to school forever!”, I have one fear that was just reinforced in our clinical rounds:


Yes you heard me correctly, dying is amongst the top two fears of human beings, right next to Public Speaking. Why the hell am I concerned with this?

A patient of the clinic’s son freshly graduated medical school at the age of 30 and was recently in a fatal car accident shortly after finishing his boards. My first thought when I think of my own accidental death is the money. The wasted money on my non-existent career or as Neal in Family Guy yelled when death was imminent, “I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on orthodontic work!” It is a valid fear, because I’m assuming my family would be the ones stuck with my debt. In fact, I think I am going to get insurance shortly to prevent this from happening should I actually die before the age of 30!

Then the wasted Fate: I am so absatively posolutely sure I am supposed to become an ND and change the world, though if I really believe in the path set out for me by the universe I would understand that death at that time is part of the plan. But STILL! I’m surprised I’ve made it alive out of certain circumstances and I credit that to my destiny to affect large scale healthcare changes. At least that’s what I choose to believe :)

My little known secret is that I am also terrified of getting into a car accident. I had nightmares about it before I turned 16 and was forced to get my license – perhaps I’ve passed in another life that way, who knows. Whenever I drive, I put positive energy out into the world and purposely don’t think bad thoughts because I don’t want to attract a car accident toward myself. For those who believe in the law of attraction that makes sense. For my hardcore science lovelies, I sound a little kooky, but let me leave you with this: how many people do you know that have been in more than one accident? I can’t even count on two hands how many motor vehicle accident patients I’ve worked with that have been in multiple, devastating collisions. Think it’s a fluke? Or do they push negative energy out into the universe that attracts more accidents to them?

Either way, I’ve got to spend the next four years (and then the 15 after while I pay off the debt) putting out good life-promoting vibes! Cross your fingers for me!

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About Erica Robinson

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Kinesiologist, and in my second year of Naturopathic Medical School in Toronto, ON. My background is predominantly in kinesiology & health science with a focus on fitness assessment, neuroscience, physiology, medical anthropology, natural nutrition, and paleolithic/primal nutritional principles. I look at health, healing, and the world in a wholistic manner, keeping in mind the far-reaching consequences our actions have on our personal health, and the health of those around us and our environment. I invite you to take a cool, refreshing sip of this rare outlook on life! And perhaps I can show you why it is so much more critical that we all gravitate toward this way.
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